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Be-Health Platform is created on the principle:

Everything for a Human & Each for all and all for Each.

That’s why the platform was born:

  • 20 + years of empirical experience
  • 15 + years of evidence-based & conscious experience
  • 12 + years of experience in scientific research & practical studies of the impact of physical activity on the body in general and the endocrine system in particular
  • 2000 + functional tests for professional athletes and physical activity practitioners
  •  20 000 + personalized programs & a lot more personal training
  • 20 + research and practical personal solutions in different regions of the world
  • 300 + several hundred personal trainers-selection and training
  • 10 + development and launch of a product line based on plant and animal substances
  • 10 + experience in the production of pneumatic equipment for private projects
  • & development of diagnostic equipment and hardware software

This experience made it clear the whole tragic prospect of development of the health and fitness services market in particular.


Today is the time of hype, Instagram & Twitter. The number of views and likes sometimes affects people more than your own mind and common sense. In addition to the global challenges facing humanity, each of us solves local problems of a personalized nature. A huge mass of people becomes fitness instructors, these are former professional athletes, coaches in various sports, enthusiasts of a healthy lifestyle and simply sports, young and beautiful. And there’s nothing wrong with that. We for, but there is one thing but…more than 90% of them believe that they know how to conduct personal workout better than anyone. 

They can not even solve their problems, and your problems will never be able to solve.

Unfortunately, they are mistaken — they do not know anything about the impact of positive or negative muscle stress on the body and how to achieve it. They also project their personal fantasies on other people, completely different from them in a variety of parameters that can not be determined visually. 

Even what is effective for one person can have the opposite effect for another, and there are many factors that we will certainly consider. 

All these methods are based mostly on empirical personal experience and are aimed mostly at the development of glycolytic anaerobic muscle fibers. The network has a huge amount of low-quality and junk content. According to our estimates, 95% is more «artistic value» (the joke about the value of) and absolutely useless for you personally.

In most cases, repeating these programs is dangerous and leads to problems:

  • cardiovascular system
  • overtraining in consequence of which the development of chronic fatigue and reduced immunity
  • inflammatory processes in the joints as a result of actions that you did not realize
  • injuries of ligaments and muscles as a result of excessive load
  • increased pulse and blood pressure, as well as intra-abdominal and intraocular pressure

Note that a lot of people have initially high blood pressure and the so-called «classical scheme» they are simply contraindicated.

 Here is here read take a closer… 

In fairness, in the first three months of the workout process, you can engage in almost any program (of course, if it is within common sense and you do not repeat the workout sets of professionals). From such workouts, will be a positive effect and progress. It’s almost safe because your muscles are still weak, so you can’t hurt yourself yet…Also, unfortunately because of this you are wrong in assessing the competence of your personal instructor / favorite blogger. 

Real numerous stories when the actions of personal instructors repeatedly led to total inflammation of the knee, elbow and shoulder joints only for the first 4 months of workouts. We sincerely wish it wasn’t you The situation is such that most programs are aimed at the development of glycolytic anaerobic muscle fibers, which together with the principle of progressive load leads to the fact that muscle tone and strength are growing and the weight of the projectile is constantly increasing. At some point, the load is redistributed to undeveloped and weak ligaments. 

As a result, everything ends with an injury or inflammation of the joint. The most interesting thing is that glycolytic fibers are useless to you in daily life, they hang on you like a load you have to carry with you. These fibers need to be constantly fed, which often have to use excess protein.

All amounts of protein, exceeding 1.2 grams per kilogram of weight, the kidneys will not be able to absorb and will turn it into urea.

These fibers need to be constantly fed, which often have to use excess protein. Imagine that your anaerobic fibers are like a heavy backpack that’s always with you, it’s heavier and heavier with every workout. And morally, inside, you kind of have to be happy. But what really: the heavier the backpack, the worse you feel. The heavier your backpack is, the more energy it takes to maintain it. Speaking in plain language: all your energy is taken away by your «favorite», but absolutely useless anaerobic fibers

But that’s not all, once you stop exercising, in two weeks your muscles will start to disappear, losing tone and strength. Question: why do you need it?

According to our data, at most one in 10 has at least the minimum competence that it was possible to entrust it the health. It’s very optimistic and very sad. That’s why this platform is necessary. What we have:

  • A huge number of people seek to gain health, but we have to deal with non-professionals
  • A huge number of people are forced to test their health for strength, using strange techniques and other people’s fantasies

  •  The industry is constantly coming up with new questionable products, often using old developments as the basis
  • Modern health monitoring systems provide more and more data. Why, practically, there is no system of data processing to offer personalized recommendations?

Of course, there are local laboratories that deal with this problem, but their number is too small. So there are personal trainers who think analyze the data, are trained and apply in their practice scientifically based methods. Some fitness centers also train their staff, but it is rather a necessity, as they mostly have nothing to offer their customers in the field of health. 

We certainly treat these people with respect.

Meanwhile, there is a huge unmet demand for:

  • health in all its manifestations
  • high level of daily working capacity
  • sporty and attractive appearance
  • strong immunity
  • active longevity
  • high quality of life

All this can be obtained through our platform, and even for free…To be continued