As you know…movement is life. We are for conscious movement in life

Goals and objectives of our project:

Unfortunately, the effectiveness of most programmes in terms of health effects is very low and has no biological justification. And in the hands of illiterate «experts» is extremely dangerous for your health, which unfortunately is confirmed by practice. 95% of all fitness programs are Commerce and PR. The efficiency coefficient of the workout process, unfortunately, tends to zero and this is at best……

It’s scary to watch people running on the asphalt, killing joints and spine, in the hope of gaining health and losing weight. 

it’s scary to see how people are in different categories, age, physical shape, General health — engaged in one group of crossfit, where the competitive effect, will block completely common sense….how many of them know at least the operating frequency of their pulse? how many have a heart rate monitor? who of them at all thinks for what he performs these actions and what negative consequences they will lead…

It’s scary to watch people copy training programs of so-called Internet stars…has anyone thought about their effectiveness? did you question the reasonableness of these programs? we live in an era of likes, not common sense, the number of subscribers rather than the quality of content decides…why do people neglect their attitude so much? it’s at least weird.

Our goal is not to offend anyone…if the system is not completely healthy, it generates such a thing…first of all, our goal is to provide comprehensive information that will be a motivating factor, to start thinking, analyzing and approach the process of workout consciously

Our task is to create valuable and affordable free content! To convey information to the maximum number of people that there are really effective systems developed by scientists Our goal is to encourage you to a conscious training, to apply a conceptually different approach based on science. Start in your body processes aimed at improving, rejuvenating and improving the quality of life…. 

And at the same time you certainly will look amazing! 

Our goal is that you are able to apply acquired information in practice. Learn how to apply really effective programs based on the laws of biology, tested on thousands of customers who have solved the tasks.